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Company Profile

LEIHON Fashion Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, was established in 1993, after 10 years of the baptism of the market and years of precipitation, its "LEIHON " brand for its love, elegance, fashion and cultural connotation and high-taste, high-quality positioning to win the majority of urban women of all ages, well received by consumers. At present "LEIHON " in the country among major cities have a brand stores, shopping malls more than 200 sales counters, sales of top brands in its class.

LEIHON, is a strong, technologically advanced large-scale modern enterprise, it has the clothes in the SAR R & D design, production, marketing, three in one. Full implementation of computer network management. The company has nearly 6,000 ㎡ production base with annual production capacity of one hundred million distribution centers and ten thousand square meters of production space.

In the new economic situation, the company's decision-making reiterated:LEIHON, an international adhere to the advanced design concepts as a fundamental fashion, in an efficient operating model of the brand-oriented, is committed to the development of species diversity and the market overall expansion in order to a unique brand culture as a basis to strengthen the brand capital, operations and strive to become an internationally renowned brands. to lead a new era of women's apparel and fashion charm. Li Hong welcome you to join our team, the company you will provide first-class work, learning environment and a good development.