Join_Shenzhen leihon Fashion Co., Ltd.


LEIHON join condition
1, identity "LEIHON" the operation and management model.
2, there is sufficient economic viability.
3, joining the performance bond at the provincial level agency: 50,000 yuan a general city: 30 thousand yuan
4, in the market one or two of operating a commercial street shops or shopping malls counters (can be rented or owned).
5, the shop area of not less than 60 square meters, the facade width not less than 3 m; store counter usable floor area of not less than 40 square meters.
6, for domestic and local markets has some knowledge of clothing.
7, we must support and accept the headquarters of the operation and management and oversight.

Franchisees must assume responsibility to
1, the appropriate selection of shop, was the headquarters for approval before.
2, payment of all of the store opening fees, rent, deposit, decoration fees, sales tax.
3, store design and store decoration of the decoration to be determined in accordance with corporate headquarters standards.
4, franchisees should be a full-time or the appointment of a management take charge of shop, the appointment of the administrator must be approved by the standards set by corporate headquarters.
5, joining stores are responsible for all the operating expenses and normal expenses: employee salaries, utilities, rent, transportation costs and so on.
6, franchisees must comply with the standards set by corporate headquarters operate work. In addition to corporate headquarters outside the franchisee to provide quality goods to ensure that no other store items for sale.
7, franchisees should be allowed to send at any time access to their corporate headquarters to inspect the store to ensure that stores the operation in line with those standards.
8, joined by co-operation agreement to fulfill the provisions.
9, consistent with the headquarters in advertisements, promotions, promotional activities.

Join co-operation procedure:
(Identifying store location within 30 days after the opening of a shop)
Alliance Application Assessment Record Record OK to submit the appropriate conditions for cooperation and signed a contract to pay the license authorization approved Company to pay the purchase price of the first store design and production of the program counter franchise renovation counters produced and imported goods by the company's image ready issued goods, auxiliary goods, etc. (7 days after the receipt of various payments) franchise fitted cabinets, on the goods, sales began to market management intervention Services and Management Department in full swing