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Brand Introduce

Brand Positioning:
Design comes from life, change in life, will be the US's pursuit of love presents the design concept into the note to the products, with unique design concepts to promote a quality lifestyle, show the maturity of 35-50 year-old female intellectual elegant, intelligent temperament image of the fraternity.

Brand Style:
Fashion and elegant taste of natural and generous intellectual content LeiHon represent an independent fashion and elegant, natural image of an independent mature female. In simple three-dimensional self-cultivation cutting, highlighting women's graceful movements, elegant and unique design techniques, to seek changes in the structure of the United States.

Brand Culture: (the red tulips culture) love, elegance, intelligent
Meet Beautiful
In 1993, Li Hong on its unique cultural connotation of constant continues to this day. In order to better meet the challenges of the new century, LeiHon cultural discourse from the tulip to upgrade evolution, it represents eternal love, noble love, intelligent love. If we say that we are Meet is a beautiful love, then, to interpret for you and me forever, let us join hands and together build a strong, driving the ocean of love ... ...

The embodiment of love
The tread pattern LeiHon by 4 to simplify the composition of off tulip flowers symbolize LeiHon will love, noble, intelligent, and their integration into a memory of love will always pass.

Brand concept: (travel alone "love" In Search of ... ...)
Representative LeiHon never in this fashion throughout the trip, independent and self-confidence of perseverance in love, love ourselves, love of life, a deeper love for the unknown love story of the preparation of space ... ...

Brand Origin:
In 1993, the turbulent era. When the dreams and aspirations of the chrysalis into a synonym for a flower at the moment, Miss Li Hong, as a fashion designer, will be a new form and itself and the marketplace, in order to Miss Li Hong's own name, "Li Hong," coupled with the dream of love "international" together, "Li Hong, an international" brand was formally established in 1993. Messenger of love, the elegant heart will always shine on a woman in the world ... ...